Do you consider yourself an expert in guinea pigs, sugar gliders, and/or bearded dragons? Do you love writing about small pets? If so, keep reading. 

Job Description

PetsVills, a blog about small pet ownership and care, is seeking expert pet-niche writers who can consistently produce top-notch, engaging and well-researched content. We have an editorial calendar full of ideas waiting for the right writer, so the job starts immediately. 

You’ll be covering a wide range of topics, all related to caring for small (and sometimes exotic) pets. Topics include things like what sugar gliders can eat, how to set up your bearded dragons’ tank, and fun activities to do with your guinea pig. 

Along with getting paid to write about something you love and a steady flow of work, our editorial team will provide you with regular feedback to help improve our long-term relationship. There’s also plenty of room for growth, as we own multiple websites across numerous different niches (in fact, if you have expertise in more than one niche, we encourage you to check out our other writer job listings). 


  • Must have excellent writing skills with minimal typos or grammatical issues. 
  • Must have experience writing about small pets. While you don’t need to own any of PetsVills’ three “core” pets, you at least need to be very comfortable writing about them. 
  • Must have at least three samples of work within the pet niche. 
  • Must be able to meet deadlines. 
  • Must either know how to use OR be open to learning how to use it. 
  • Must be willing to quickly edit work as requested by our editorial team (note: we only ask you to edit content that doesn’t meet the requirements given to you).

Note: As long as you have strong English (American-style) writing abilities, we’re fine if it’s not your first language. We work with writers from all over the world and do not discriminate. 


  • Competitive freelance rates 
  • Consistent, stable workload every month
  • Flexible schedule. As long as you meet your deadlines, you can work whenever you want. 
  • Plenty of growth opportunities on PetsVills and within our company.
  • Chance to work on other assignments and in other niches to expand your resume

Ready to apply? Fill out this form. Our team will review your writing samples and get back to you if you’re a good fit.